Why choose Root London?

When choosing a new wood floor, it’s not just the look that should drive the decision but also the quality and lifespan of the floor you’re investing in.  At Root London, our engineered woods are produced by Italian artisans, but the real point of difference is the finishing of our floors.

Stain is what is usually applied to a wood floor to achieve a certain colour.  A coat of clear varnish is then applied to the wood for added protection.  This is the “industry standard” process for most varnished floors on the market.

The issue with this type of finishing is the varnish tends to wear off after a period of time through usage, resulting in the whole floor needing to be sanded back and re-finished, which can be a dusty and time-consuming job.

However, at Root London, we do things differently.  We don’t stain our engineered wood.  Instead, all our varnished floors are pre-finished with eight coats of coloured varnish.  This results in an extremely hardwearing floor that will stand up to the test of time and, subject to the floor being cleaned with the correct cleaning products, will not require any sanding back. 


Pros of Varnish

Unlike an oiled floor, where the spectrum of colour that can be achieved is limited, you can, in theory, achieve any colour or shade with a varnish, giving you many different options.

A properly varnished floor will also help seal the face of the wood, massively reducing the risk of spillages staining the floor if they are wiped up in a reasonable amount of time.

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