Redefining Excellence in Engineered Wood Flooring

All Root engineered timber floors are manufactured to the highest standards using sustainably sourced wood manufactured by Italian artisans.

Root Oak Floors are supplied in three grades;


Very few knots for the most uniform, sleek and minimal.


Featuring knots that typically occur in wood for a charming natural finish.


Including all the glorious knots and quirks such as mini splits in the oak for a rustic and individual feel.

Tree trunks - Root London, natural wood
Wood manufacturing process - Root London



Wood shreds- Root London

ROOT Engineered Wide-Plank

All Root engineered wide-planks are manufactured using the highest standards in 2 Layer & 3 Layer construction.  


All our boards up to 240mm wide are manufactured using Oak, backed on to high-quality birch ply.  When increasing the width to 300mm +, a 3 Layer construction is advised due to movement.  In this instance, the Oak top layer is supported by a softwood core (second layer) and balanced by an oak base (third layer). 


This enables us to manufacture boards up to 500mm wide and over eight metres long.

ROOT Engineered Parquet

All Root engineered Parquet is manufactured using a two layer construction where the top wood layer has been backed onto a high quality birch ply, which allows for sufficient movement to avoid delamination.                      


Birch plywood is used, rather than the cheaper poplar ply, and bonded using high quality glue between each layer, again increasing stability.


A poorly constructed engineered floor has the potential to delaminate due to low quality glues and drying times. All Root floors undergo a three day pressing process which allows the glue between each layer to fully cure.


Wood varnishing - Root London
null OIL

Natural oils have been used for generations and although the palette of colours is limited, they can achieve a great depth and sophistication.

   null  VARNISH

As with most things, there is a good and bad way of varnishing a floor. The industry standard application process involves staining the wood, then applying 1-2 coats of clear varnish. This finish will wear over time in high traffic areas, and require sanding and re-finishing. All Root floors have gone through an 8-coat coloured varnish application, rather than staining, which dramatically increases the lifetime of the finish.


There are of course cost implications when engineering & finishing a floor to such high standards, but we believe in producing the best floors that stand up to the test of time without the need for annual maintenance.